Bitpay API v2

It appears I can’t create a v1 API key any more. Any chance there’s going to be support for v2 or can someone walk me thru setting up a v1 key? When I go to create one it says it’s deprecated and there’s no place to create a new one.

Hopefully in the future but we don’t have immediate plans to support it, out current focus is our own v2.

So this means the I won’t be able to accept bitpay then correct?

I’m not familiar with BitPay’s API changes but it sounds like it

OK. Thank you for the response. I’ll reached out to their support in hopes that I can still use the v1 API.

They won’t allow me to create a v1 key. They said they’ll reach out to you guys, but I told them it’s open source. Their support is pretty bad. Thank you for making an awesome program.