Better Client overview. (Web app)

Hi All,

When i add a public or private note to a client.
I only see this note’s when i edit the client. Is there a possibility to show it without editing the client?

Like in the Android app or Windows app?
It is on the website where this info is missing.



The web app and the Windows app are nearly identical, all apps are built from the same codebase.

Can you send screenshot of what you see on the Windows app but not on the web app?


On de windows app the notes ar almost impossible to find.
On the website there just missing…

(Screenshots are from same client)

This is the website

This is de Windwos app

Thanks for the screenshots!

You can click the table/list selector in the lower left corner to hide the right sidebar when no record is selected.

Thanks for your repsonse.
Now i see it.

Maybe add the option to copy tekst from the public/private note?
Now it is not possible to copy the tekst, only if you edit the client.

Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll look into it.