Best way to import clients and products from one user to another


I need to import this data to a clean user at V5.
I have exported cvs data from v4 but I dont know how to import to V5. I tried to export from V5 but the mail option is not working so I can not see the download link of the export.

I set the smtp but fail the test because time out trying to connect.

Checked ping to the smtp from the server and works.

There is another way to see the link?



If you’re upgrading from v4 we recommend using the migration tool available in the latest version of v4.

thanks for the quick reply.

I used and seems to work perfectly so now I have my user with everything in the new version.

Now I want to create a new user with different data but same clients and products. I think I can not do it with the migration tool, no?


Do you mean a new company?

If the data has migrated you can use the JSON import/export to transfer data between two companies.

My problem was the smtp missconfiguration and after read about the app 16 digit password of gmail, now it’s working.
So now I export clients and products from one company to another and clients looks good but when I import the products CSV from company A to B, it says it was ok and it says 118 products were imported but I can see only two.
Any ideas?


Are the 2 products from the CSV file?

Do you see any related errors in storage/logs?

Yes, both from the CSV.
Where can I see the logs? It’s Debian server.


There application error logs are in the storage/logs folder.

There is only laravel.log with apparently no errors

If you’re using the web app it may help to try with the desktop app.

I tried with the app after delete these two products and the same result. It sends the mail for a successful import with the total number of products correct but I can see only two of them.

Do all of the products have unique product key values?

At the field of product there are 95% same product (same string) and different notes.

The thing is that the csv its exported from another company at the same Invoice ninja V5.

I believe each product will need to have a unique product_key.

I will change it an see if works.



It works after change this.

Glad to hear it, thanks for the update!