Best php processor

Hello Team, I use invoice ninja in a VPS with plesk where I can select the php processor. I have the following options:

  1. FastCGI application served by Apache
  2. FPM application served by Apache
  3. FPM application served by nginx
  4. Dedicated FPM application served by Apache
  5. Dedicated FPM application served by nginx

I wonder which is the best option to make it work as faster as possible, since its a bit slow.



Where exactly is the app slow?

ie. when first logging in, when navigating or generating a PDF


Most likely you have QUEUE_CONNECTION=sync

This means the system performs everything in the current PHP process which may block the UI.

To significantly improve performance, you’ll want to setup QUEUE_CONNECTION=database and configure queues as this will offload a lot of work and improve the performance of the application.

Hello team,
Well, its very slow when saving an invoice or extremly slow when posting an invoice over the API using the sdk.

Regarding QUEUE_CONNECTION, I dont even have this setting on env file, will add it and let you know how it goes.