Being paid in a certain currency

Hi, there,

Our default currency is Euro, but we have customers who pay some of our products in USD. We sell online products, so they are usually new customers from the moment they pay, which means I can’t assign them a currency beforehand.

If they pay us through PayPal or Stripe, even if they paid in USD, their automated invoice appears in EUR. Is there any way to configure this? I’d like they could receive their invoice in the currency they paid.


Can you explain how your system works, how is the invoice created?

We support setting the currency in the API and Zapier.

The invoice is created automatically through Zapier. They pay through PayPal or Stripe and I created a zap on Zapier so that they are introduced in our system and an invoice is automatically sent.

How can the product’s currency can be registered on the automatically created invoice?

We don’t support setting the product’s currency but you can set the client’s currency through the zap.

Should I then select then ‘Cust Currency’ or ‘Currency’ in the “Client - Currency Code” option? Which one would be the right one?


I’m not sure, that would depend on the other app. We expect a 3 character code, ie. USD.

It’s just PayPal and Stripe…

You’ll need to try it and see, I don’t know what values they provide.

Ok, thanks, Hillel, I’ll try.

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To add to this I am thinking of using Ninja and would like to have products available in multiple currencies (USD/GBP/EUR).


For example, if I send an invoice in GBP but the client wants to effect an offline transfer into our bank in EUR that would be problematic as they will almost certainly tip the rate in their favour.

We support multiple currencies however each client is limited to one currency.

That sounds fair.

If I were to create a product “X” and make the price $99 but the client’s currency is set to € what would they receive then…?

The price would be €99.

Maybe you could use multiple versions of the product for each currency?

That’s what I’m resigned to I think. It’s a workaround. I could just create a different SKU for the product in each currency where I have clients in multiple countries.

Are there any plans to adjust the application to allow this facility and also dynamically change the price given the current exchange rate…?

We don’t plan to support multiple currencies per client.

We are looking into supporting automatic currency conversion.

For your information…
I am running the self hosted white label version and this is what I do to workaround this:

I set my store out in GBP. I then add a client, let’s say they are set to pay in EUR.

I then create an invoice, add a product and increase the price manually to cover the conversion.

Not ideal I know but most of my invoicing is recurring so I’m happy enough to invest that small amount of time to get my money.