Automation: Post Client Registration information

Hi There

So I know Invoice Ninja has a API and I have been using it. I want to know if the following is possible:

Lets say a new Client signs up via the Registration page, once done that info is saved in the Invoice Ninja Database (Client is created). I want to know is it possible to change this that The information saved is immediately Posted to Another API/App to be stored on another database?

2nd also related to above, lets say I am expecting reoccurring payments to be paid by the 1st of the month. If the 1st arrives I want to post what invoices was not paid for what clients to a external service so I can then do other automatons.

I know I can basically just create schedules to run every day to pull this info, but I want to know will it be possible to create Automation triggers for these events straight in Invoice Ninja.



Both of these should be possible by configuring webhooks.


I Think you are correct yes. I assume the first would be “Create Client” event after a client fills in the Registration Page. And Payments on 1st of Month will probably be “Late Invoice” events?

Yes, that’s correct.