Automatically pay invoice with credit

Is it possible to automatically pay the invoice if the client has enough credit?

Thank you.

This is possible with recurring invoices or when using Zapier or our API.

How can this be done with recurring invoices?

If auto-bill is enabled and credits exist the app will use the credit for the payment.

How does exactly auto bill works? Does it work with paypal? Is there a doc explaining this feature?

There’s some info here:

  • ‘Token Billing’ on /settings/online_payments determines if we capture your client’s payment details.
  • ‘Auto Bill’ on /recurring_invoices/create determines if we try to automatically bill the invoice when it’s created (with either credit or stored payment methods).

Note: in older versions ‘Auto Bill’ is only shown if a payment gateway is enabled, in our latest version the option is always shown.