Automatically including Tasks + Expenses in Invoices

Hello! I’m super new to IN and super excited to start using it for my freelancing IT business! I think I have a hang of the basics but I’m having trouble getting something to work that I’m used to from other applications.

Basically, my invoices consist of labor (tracked via tasks) and expenses. I’d really like to be able to go to the Clients page, click Create new Invoice, and have it pull in all the un-invoiced tasks and expenses for that client (ideally within a programmable timeframe, like the last 30 days).

I know I can go to Tasks, select all the applicable entries, and click Invoice. And I know I can do the same under Expenses. But if I do that, I’m stuck having to enter the other ones manually. Any idea if there’s already a function I’m missing that will let me include both with one click?


v4 doesn’t support it with one click. You can add a task or expense to an existing invoice if the client is set and you click ‘More actions’ on the edit page.

We’ll keep this in mind for v5

Hey, thanks for the reply! Yeah I understand that but there’s not an option to add an existing expense.

My issue is that currently, I have to create an invoice of all my tasks, then manually enter the expenses. And then I need to go find those expenses in my expenses tab, and mark them as invoiced. It’s just a lot of redundant manual entry than I think should be necessary when all the information is already in the system.

Unless I’m still doing this wrong? All I see under More Actions that looks relevant is “Add Product” which just creates a new empty line.


If you set the client for an expense or task when clicking more actions on the expense/task edit page you should see the option to add it to an open invoice for the client.

Although this works it could be tedious if you have many expenses. In v5 we’ve added the ability to add tasks and expense to an invoice on the edit invoice page.

Ahh, I see it now. This will work for the time being.

Thanks! Looking forward to version 5!

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