Automatic Payments

New to the platform, so still navigating the waters. I have a customer that will not get on a computer to approve the invoices. He wants to put his card on file with us and let us bill his card (reoccurring) for his monthly services. How is this accomplished with Invoice Ninja?


Hey there, thanks for reaching us.

We have a concept of auto-billing. More here: Auto-billing 101 | Invoice Ninja

@ben I saw this article, but it does not tell me much on how to actually do that within Invoice Ninja. I need to be able to put in my clients’ credit card information and automatically charge that card when the invoice is automatically created on the schedule. Is that possible? Currently on latest V4.

You can add the card in the client portal. To have the invoice automatically billed you’ll want to set auto-bill to always on the recurring invoice.

@hillel Is there a method to create a login for the client portal? I don’t see that option, maybe I’m overlooking it?

You enable a password for the client portal on Settings > Client Portal