Automatic invoices sending early ahead of scheduled date

I have accounts sent up for auto-sending of invoices for the 10th of the month. Invoice Ninja is sending them a day early, the 9th in the afternoon.

Localization is set correctly. I’ve no idea why this is occurring.

Are you self hosting or using, also which timezone have you selected?

I’ve got the same issue except an invoice I set for September 1st got sent today August 26th. There was an invoice marked passed due for this same client which I forgot to enter their payment for and I’m wondering if this might have triggered the early invoice sending?

I’m not self hosted at the this point.

Are you certain it created a new invoice, if you have auto-reminders enabled maybe it emailed a reminder for the past due invoice?

Just a thought…

Actually, you are partly correct. It was a reminder that was sent out. However. the invoice that was passed due was 0077. The reminder was for 0078 which is scheduled for Sept 1st.

Assuming you’re using our hosted platform, if you’d like us to look into this further please send an email to with the email address the account is registered under.