Auto reminders with expired invoices


I’ve setup the 3 automatic reminders when an invoice expires:

  • 1 day after expiry date of the invoice
  • 21 days after expiry date of the invoice = 3 weeks
  • 42 days after expiry date of the invoice = 6 weeks

I have an invoice with expiry date saturday 31/12/2016 , the first reminder was sent out on sunday 01/01/2017 (so far so good) but it seems as if the second reminder isn’t being sent out? There is nothing in the activity log that would make it look like the second one was sent out and normally the client would have responded to it by now if he would have received it.

If the day counter relies on working days vs regular days (5 days vs 7 days in a week) i could understand why the reminder wasn’t sent out yet but then he wouldn’t have sent the first reminder on a sunday? If the counter would rely on regular days then i would think that the second reminder should have been sent out?

Could this be a bug or can you explain this?

Thank you
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Ken S.

It should count 7 days in a week.

Assuming you’re self hosting I’d suggest checking the output from the cron.


No i’m not self hosting, that’s the strange thing, it’s via the website so it should work just fine because there is nothing custom about it on my side. Is there any way at your side to troubleshoot this, can i send you details or data which can help you take a look?

The reminder “21 days after expiry date of the invoice = 3 weeks” should have been sent out by now for my expired invoice on 31/12/'16 ?

Thank you!
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Ken S.

Please send an email to with the following:

  • Your account email address
  • An example invoice number
  • A screenshot of your reminder settings