Auto-pay does not bill on correct day

I have auto-pay turned on for a recurring invoice.
It seems that the eMail for the invoice goes out it does not charge the customer.
About 30 minutes later the customer gets the payment received eMail.
Also, seems there is a timezone issue. I have both my hosting server and settings Invoice Ninja set to US/Central, but invoices for 06/02 went out 7pm 06/01 and 30 minutes later the invoice showed paid and the customer got the payment received eMail.

What is needed to fix this? Ideally invoice would just be charged when it is generated.


Can you please confirm which version of the app you’re using?

cc @david

@xtekrepair The app does autobilling at +0 UTC… we are looking to improve this.

I am using version 5.1.70

Could I update the timezone in /config/app.php? Would that change the billing. If so, I would suggest this be added to the .env file.