Auto-Bill with PayFast

Is it possible to auto-bill a recurring invoice if FastPay is the payment gateway?

I’ve read this post

Which implies it can’t be done, but PayFast does offer tokenisation…

Also, this post talks about using GoCardless for Auto-Billing…

Is there a list of gateways that are compatible with Auto-Billing that I’ve missed or are they all compatible now?


@david can you please advise?


We are currently working directly with Payfast to implement token billing.

It works with the user present - but not offline.

Hopefully we can merge this soon.

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Great, how long do you think it will take to be released? Days, weeks or months?

I’m currently testing out Stripe but would prefer Payfast for Auto-Billing if the time frames aren’t too long!


We really are waiting for Payfast, we are ready to go pretty much but are at their mercy.

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Do you know of any other providers that work with auto-billing & recurring invoices and that allow South African companies to register?

Payfast has a big footprint in South Africa but Stripe won’t allow South African based companies to join…


Give a go, i think they should be available :slight_smile:

Ok, thank you… I’ve opened a ticket with Payfast in the meantime and will see if will let a South African firm sign up for their services… they don’t mention South Africa specifically on their site though, so we’ll see…

Payfast just replied… Any thoughts on who the contact at Payfast is?

Thank you for contacting PayFast.

Kindly be advised that PayFast does not have a plugin integration with Invoice Ninja.

They most likely created their own plugin integration for PayFast (using our public integration code).

Please request more information from Invoice Ninja on what exactly it is that they are waiting on and who they may have been in contact with from PayFast in order for us to investigate further.

We await your reply.

@david PayFast sent me another ticket asking who you are in contact with on the PayFast side, do you want me to forward it on to you?


I’ve got to say, out of all the gateways we integrate with, Payfast has been the most difficult, in both their API implementation and also their support.

We are in contact with Mo, we will continue to work with them to try and get this completed.

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Thank you David, I assume that there’s no more news on this yet?


Unfortunately PayFast tech support wasn’t able to assist us at all, so unfortunately it looks like we won’t be able to support autobilling with this gateway.

Ok, understood, that’s a shame… they told me that autobilling/tokenised billing was possible with custom integrations but I’m guessing you hit a roadblock?


We reached out for assistance, but they did not seem interested to working with us on the issues we were seeing unfortunately.

That’s a shame… they have been acquired recently so that might be one of the reasons… maybe it’s worth reaching out again in 6 months time?

I guess there is no more news from PayFast? They were involved in an acquisition back in Oct…


They were not interested in providing any technical support which was rather unfortunate as we have a large base of users in SA who use this gateway.

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