Auto Bill Still Not Working


I reached out to support about this issue a few months ago and did some troubleshooting, but haven’t been able to get a reply recently.

Historically, we’ve had all recurring invoices auto bill on the first of the month, with the auto bill setting set to “On Due Date”, with “Auto Email” disabled so that clients only receive a single email (payment receipt) instead of a double email (invoice email + payment receipt). The send / due date are the same (1st of the month), since all clients have standing authorization on file.

This is no longer working for some reason, as recurring invoices are generated on the 1st of the month but not auto billed. All clients have a valid payment method on file, and I’m able to manually auto bill the draft invoices by selecting them and then clicking “Auto Bill”.

We were advised by IN Support to change the auto bill setting to “On Send Date” as a solution. Unfortunately, all invoices were again created in a draft state on the 1st of the month, with none auto billed.

What combination of settings do we need to enable auto billing again, with a single email for the payment receipt? The send / due date are the same (1st of the month).

Many thanks in advance.


@david any thoughts?

Hi @ellc

Send an email to and we’ll be able to check your account to see the configuration and provide a suggestion for this.

Thanks - just sent an email.