Auto Bill / Payment Prompt on Quote Approval

Is it possible to collect payment on a quote right after approval? or auto email invoice?

My customers are complaining about having to navigate to the invoice tab on the portal in order to pay.


It isn’t currently supported but you can create an issue to request it.

cc @david if the quote auto-generates the invoice I agree it would be better to show the client the invoice rather than the approved quote.


If youhave auto convert set to true. Once the client approves the quote in the Client Portal, they are automatically redirected to the Invoice which is then payable

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Is there a way to prompt with a message “please provide payment for work to begin” etc. once the quote is approved?


Yes, for unpaid invoices, you can add a banner message in Settings > Client Portal

On the quote approval page they will see:

After approval, they’ll end up here with this message