Attaching UBL invoice is failing

Hey there,

I’m founding out invoiceNinja, so sorry for the question if it is really easy to answer.
I want an UBL invoice besides my PDF invoice.
If check the option in the e-mail settings, but I don’t see it comming (in my inbox) and Im not able to download it.
Can somebody help me with this problem?


@david is this supported in v5?


Can you please try now, there was an issue generating the UBL, this has been corrected.

Hoi David, Its still not sending a UBL with the invoice.

Hi @Gido

Are you an enterprise or pro user please?

Hey David, Im testing the platform so my geus is that im a pro (free) user in trial period.


If you are still in the Pro plan test, we’ve set the UBLs to send for Pro Users.