Apply taxes to received payments ?


I have a question about taxes and payments (not invoices). I don’t know if this is something specific to my country or if it can be done already and I’m missing it. Let me explain what I need to achieve:

Here, not all taxes are directly paid by the citizen (on this case the freelancer), some of them are retained by the company you are billing and then they periodically transfer those retained funds to the local tax authority. So this means that the check you receive from them will have those taxes discounted. For example, if I send a bill to a customer for $500 and there is a local tax of lets say 10%, then what the customer will pay me is $450. As the invoice was created for $500, if I enter a payment for the full amount that will not reflect the real earned value and I would have to do those calculations elsewhere to get the real numbers. If I add the paid value, then the invoice will never appear as fully paid.

So it would be very convenient if optional taxes could be applied to payments too, adding a nice side feature of knowing what you are going to pay in taxes :slight_smile:

Could this be something that could be added ?

Thanks !!

Hi, feel free to create an issue to request the feature on GitHub