Apply payment for reccuring invoice

I’ve created a recurring invoice and my client has paid, but I can’t see how to apply the payment.

Are you using our hosted site or are you self-hosting?

A recurring invoice should generate a standard invoice which the payment can be applied against.

I’m using the Invoice Ninja site. I click on save invoice and it asks if I want it to be emailed (Recurring is enabled, are you sure you want this invoice emailed) and then I click ok, I’m taken back to the invoice, and the invoice isn’t emailed.

Recurring invoices are sent at the beginning of the hour, we’ll update the text to make it clearer in the next release.

Has it been more than an hour since creating the invoice?

Yeah we were talking about it yesterday, that invoice still hasn’t sent. You suspected it was something to do with the date format for the end date, maybe having no end date means it won’t email the invoice either.

I think I see the problem, I’m looking into it now.

Your invoice should have just been sent.

Thank you Hillel, I was able to see the invoice go and apply the payment.

Great, thanks for letting us know.