APP_NAME reverts to Invoice Ninja


my app_name shows during and while loading invoice pages but then app name shows “Invoice Ninja” once the application loads

it seems like app_name is set somwhere else to use default and ignore APP_NAME in .env



Can you help us understand why you’re changing the app name?

Hi, branding the app (tab name) for client trust

@david any thoughts?


For white label users we inject the company name in the title, otherwise we use Invoice Ninja.

Thanks @david. I am a white label user and i do see company name in the title

This is for the client portal, correct? How do I change for the main app page?

White Label licence only removes invoice ninja branding from the client facing ui and documents.

White labeling the frontend is not supported as far as I’m aware, as IN is not for resale without agreement with devs.

@strider27 Thank you for the info