App login error selfhost


I just installed the new app, but cannot login.

I get the following error message above the login button:

Deaserializing '[data, {{..............]' to 'LoginResponseData' failed due to: tpe '_InternalLinkedHashMap<String,dynamic>' is not a subtype of type 'String' in type cast

Any ideas? Which self-hosted version of IN is required to be able to use the app?

Which version of Invoice Ninja are you running? What OS and webserver is it running on?

Running Version 3.9.2 at the moment.
Windows 8.1
Apache webserver

I was having the same issue on 4.4.3. Ypgrading to the latest version fixed it.

The mobile app requires the latest version of the web app.

Thanks guys, I will update to the latest version and try again.