APIs not archiving

Version 2.6.5

Going through things and just getting a feel for everything. I find that I cannot archive an API. When I actually hit the archive button, I get a successful notice that the api has been archived but it never actually gets archived. The api is still there.

Question: On the api page on the Hosted Platform there are different platforms that you can integrate with. I do not see these on the self hosted. Is this supposed to be like this. I would like to integrate with mail chimp.

I can reproduce the problem, we’ll include a fix with our next release.

Our hosted platform integrations are through Zapier, they aren’t supported with our self host version.

What is the syntax to archiv an invoice via API?

curl -X PUT ninja.dev/api/v1/invoices/1?action=archive \
-H "X-Ninja-Token: TOKEN"