[API][V5] Call to undefined relationship [clients] on model [App\\Models\\Client]

I’ve created an API key in the Account managment → API Keys →
However, when I make a request to the API. I get thrown a 400 error. No matter what API I use:

	"message": "Call to undefined relationship [clients] on model [App\\Models\\Client]."

Is there something I’m doing wrong here? Or could this be a mistake in my configuration?


I suggest removing the client includes, the app is failing to include clients on the clients request.

YEESSSSSSS, thank you!
Then a question, lets say I make a discord bot that hooks into the IN API, and I sell that. Is that allowed per the TOS?

And if I sell a service to setup and maintain a IN setup, is that allowed to?

Please send an email to contact@invoiceninja.com for questions about reselling the app.