API Price and description not added to invoice line

Using the API in version 4, I could add a one line invoice providing the client_id, the product key and quantity. This would add an invoice, with the product description and price. The invoice would also be automatically emailed out.

With version 5, this does not appear to happen. I add the invoice and line, the invoice is created as draft, the line is added, but with zero cost and zero description.

"client_id": "kazmQ0DqeJ",
"po_number": "cbef1db4-7c27-447c-a329-189a701d214c",
"invoice_items": [
		"product_key": "SAE-F01-1M",
		"qty": 1


I believe in v5 you’d need to specify the cost and description in the API request, feel free to create an issue to request a change.

A pity V4 carried the information in. I will hold the information locally and pass it to the Invoice Ninja