Api Power Automate

I’m trying to get api to work via Power Automate.
The api works fine via CMD. But when I try it through Power Automate I get the message “Invalid Token”. The values ​​are the same.

I assume that the empty value at X-Api-Secret is the cause. Does anyone have the link working?

Or maybe another solution is not to leave it blank on X-Api-Secret. But where can I adjust this value? Changing API_SECRET to .env has no effect.


If the message is invalid token I wouldn’t think the problem is with the secret.

Indeed the X-Api-Secret was not the problem. In fact, you can enter any value there.

The problem was in the header. For the authorization I chose Raw under advanced options and filled the header there without ". See the image and now it works.

Glad to hear it’s working, thanks for sharing the solution!