API issues extracting Client Info via Zapier, Integromat and Direct via API

I am trying to get some information from my self hosted version.

When i try via Zapier i can’t get it to retrive the clients mobile number or phone number, but gives me the Invoice ID.
When i Tried via Intergomat, i can get the phpne number very easily, but can’t get the invoice details.

Trying direct via the API (Which is preferred method)it gives me alot of the details except the the actual token embeded into the button.
Using this part of the API.
curl -X GET ninja.test/api/v1/clients/1? -H “X-Ninja-Token: TOKEN”

However none of the key’s/Token match those send in the email as the link for the button.

You should be able to add a search step to load the clients details in Zapier.

By ‘token’ I assume you mean the invitation URL? You can get it using /api/v1/invoices?include=invitations

Thanks Hillel,
Found what i needed to complete this!