API 404 error after upgrade

I upgraded my self hosted software via Cpanel Softaculous. After upgrade everything works except the API. I receive a error that /api/v1/ is not found. I reverted back to the backup and it works again. Do you have any ideas why it doesn’t work after the upgrade to 4.5.4 from 4.5.1?

I am using the PHP-SDK.

Sorry, I’m not sure. There shouldn’t be too many changes between v4.5.4 and v.4.5.1.

Does the rest of the app work correctly?

Yes, everything except the api. I will try the upgrade again tomorrow.

I tried again and the API url seems to get lost. It no longer works.

SOLVED: It was a change in the .htaccess file that caused the issue.

Glad to hear it’s working!

Can you share what changes were made in the .htaccess?