Android app Payments screen formatting

Hi guys - Just trying the Android app. First issue I’ve noticed is that the currency type is set to US format (dollars) - I’m using GBP on my self-hosted installation.

Secondly, the formatting on the payments screen shows the amounts overlapping the payment details.

Looking nice otherwise though - looking forward to future updates!

There are many variations to how the currency is determined depending on how the app has been configured.

Firstly the app will check if the invoiced client has a specified currency. If no currency is selected then the General Settings account currency is used, but if this is not specified also then it defaults to USD.

If you let me know where in the app you have selected GBP, I’ll see if I can recreate the issue.

I should note that the normal web interface shows everything as GBP - so it’s just the Android app showing USD.

I’ve checked in Settings and under ‘Localization’ I have it set to British Pound.

I don’t see a ‘General Settings’ option - just ‘Settings’ and under there I have Company Details, User Details, Localization, Tax Rates, Import Client Data and Email Notifications. The only option pertaining to currency is ‘Localization’ which is set to GBP.

Any ideas guys? - I’m eager to start using the Android app!

Many thanks

Hi yuljk,

The currency bug is now fixed in 1.1.7. We are working on the formatting issue for 1.1.8 which will be released shortly.

Many thanks David - just update and working perfectly. I’ll keep an eye out for the next update.

Great work so far guys!

Hi guys - I’m still seeing formatting issues on the Payments screen. (Amount overlapping the client) - I’ve performed all updates from the Play Store.

Kind Regards

v1.1.15 should have this resolved.


Latest Android app my currency is set to EUR but it displays GBP (symbol and amount) for “Average Invoice” EUR symbol for “Outstanding” (euro symbol and GBP amount) amount is GBP and it displays GBP (symbol and amount) for “Total Revenue” on my self-hosted installation. Works fine on desktop.

Any help appreciated.



Hi Kieran,

I’ll have a look into this for you. We are looking for testers who can help us with the direction of our mobile apps by getting feedback about usability and must have functionality, i’ve created a space for this in our slack called #mobileapps please join the conversation! to generate an invite!