Android app in self host website (not subdomain) installation


My InvoiceNinja is installed on
(Not on subdomain like.

I’m accessing the admin and client using URL

So far everything seems to work smoothly except google maps in client’s view, which I don’t need.

Android app accepts the same URL and logs in:

In dashboard I can see Average Invoice, Outstanding, Total Revenue, Activity, Products just fine.

Payments, Invoices, Quotes, Clients are blank.

Thank you


Here’s info on enabling Google Maps:

Our mobile developer will try to help with the Android app issues.

Can you try un-commenting this line to see if it helps

Hi Dali,

It is strange that you are getting some data - but not everything. I think there is something going on deeper on the webserver with this.

Can you check your error logs for any exceptions that are being generated?

We can debug this direct on your server as well if you can create a test account for us. Send us an email a so we can understand what the exact issue is.

Hi Hillel.

Can you try un-commenting this line to see if it helps

Which line would this be exactly?


Dear Hillel and David.

I have 2 instances of the Invoice ninja 3.2.1 installed. Both connected to same database.

  1. (works ok)
  2. (google maps in client view and Android app does not work)

I will send you an email with direct access to my server.

Thank you


This is the line to un-comment: RewriteBase /

There’s info about enabling Google Maps here:

Ahh, .httacess inside /public

If I un-comment RewriteBase / Android app still fail. Admin will stop to respond, so no good solution.

If I set GOOGLE_MAPS_ENABLED=true I get Whoops in google maps window.

Please note that on duplicated 3.2.1. sub-domain install ( using the same database everything works well.

The problems seems to be .htacess rules for website folder installation.


I have found a race condition which is causing an issue with users using a URL with a subdirectory.

This has been resolved in v1.1.16

Please let me know if you continue to have similar issues.

Thank you David!!!


Even i am facing a almost similar issue and the solution posted here do not seems to work

can you help me out?

Which exact version of the mobile app are you using?