Amount on reports only outputted including VAT.


I am experiencing that the amount field can only be output on reports as the amount including VAT. Would it be possible to add a field containing the amount excluding VAT. For now the amount excl. VAT has to be calculated externally in an excel sheet obviously subtracting VAT from the amount. It would be handy to have the figures also display and output as the amount excluding VAT. Would you consider adding an extra field containing the amount excl. VAT. in a next version. It makes calculating the income tax declaration easier.


We’re planning on tracking gross/net much better in v2.

Wow what lightning responses.
Well this one was also not much of a problem. Invoiceninja is so open that you can circumnavigate almost everything so easily.

Must say I have become a very enthusiastic invoiceninja user. What a gem you have created. Big thumbs up and kudos!

Up to V2 then, looking forward to it :slight_smile:

Thanks so much, that’s really nice to hear :slight_smile:

If you aren’t already definitely join us on Slack to provide feedback for v2.

OK, I shall do so.