Always opening in the first results page


I know this is a support forum but I’d like to offer a quick feedback.

Whenever I open a customers, invoices, etc, list, Invoice Ninja remembers the results page I was in. For instance, IN shows 10 invoices per page by default, but then I go to the 5th page (to check some older invoice for instance). If I go to another module and then come back to the invoices module, it’ll open in that 5th page, when most apps would open the 1st page.

I understand this might be useful for someone, but with this I always need to go back to the first page if I went on to check something older.

Thanks for the feedback!


This change will be included with our next major release.

If you want to patch your install here’s the change:

Thanks again for the suggestion!

Hi Hillel,

Here’s another one related to this one.

I’ve opened the INVOICES page, filtered the list by UNPAID invoices, opened one invoice, clicked VIEW CUSTOMER, and when I clicked the INVOICES tab in the customer page, the UNPAID filter was there. Eg., the selected filter is persistent.

It’s by design, we actually had another user recently request that this setting be saved when logging out then back in.