Allow Maestro Creditcard/Debit Card


When selecting and enabling payment gateways, you get the option for enabling Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners & Discover to be enabled or disabled. Actually (specially in Europe and more specific here in Belgium) Maestro is used even more (it’s also issued by MasterCard, but it is in fact a Debt Card).

How can I enable this Card type for the Paymment gateway(s) I use? (Currently using PayPal and Braintree)

Maybe this option should be standard in the list also te be able being selected from the settings?

Can’t find a solution for this anywhere, PayPal and Braintree accept Maestro cards in my area, but since it is not ‘selected’ in Invoice Ninja, customers aren’t presented with the option. Hope someone can help :slight_smile:

Those checkboxes just determine which images not to show, the payment gateways determine which cards are supported.

To clarify, are you just asking that the card image is shown in the portal?

I diden’t know the checkboxes only meant showing the images on the payment page, in that case…

Yes I mean I’m asking to make it possible for the image of Maestro being able to be enabled from within Invoice Ninja :slight_smile:

Ok, thanks! We’ll consider the change for a future release.