Alignment issue for "Clean" invoice template


Is there anyway to fix the alignment for “clean” invoice template?

The value for “Cost” “Quantity” and “Line total” is not aligned properly

the decimals point should be on the same line

Is there anyway to change the font?

We’ll look into correcting this in the next release. For now you should be able to fix this by customizing the design on /company/advanced_settings/customize_design.

You’ll need to change to the ‘Code’ view and change $invoiceLineItemColumns to [“15%”, “*”, “20%”, “15%”, “20%”] You may need to adjust the column widths to fit.

We use pdfmake to generate the PDFs which supports custom fonts.

Is there anyway to attach a image at the footer/signature?

I tired something like

“image” : “

but can’t get it to work lol

Hillel are you able to assist if i provide you the fonts file? I don’t really understand the write up too technically

You should be able to add an image in the custom design but you’d need to use a dataURL format. Check out the ‘Images’ tab here:

I’m sorry, I’m not available for custom work. If you run into any errors I could try to help you debug it. You may want to consider hiring a coder.