After restore - error 500


I had to restore my Invoice Ninja. Files and Database.
Now I have an error 500.

Thanks in advance for the help.


Are there any details about the 500 in storage/logs or the web server error logs?


There is no new entry in /storage/logs/laravel.log.
There are new entries in /error.log.

PHP Fatal error: require(): Failed opening required ‘/public_html/invoice/vendor/autoload.php’ (include_path=‘.:/opt/alt/php74/usr/share/pear’) in /public_html/invoice/artisan on line 18

Please take note that I’m on the 5.4.12 version PHP 7.4 and cannot install a new version or php 8.0.


I think you may be missing the vendor files.

You can either use the selfhost zip which contains them or run composer install.

That’s what I though too, but the file is there.
I already run composer install and tried to rewrite the files with the selfhost zip.

@david do you have any thoughts?

Ok, I just tried uploading the self zip as if I was installing a new instance and now I get:
500 — Server ErrorBack to invoice

Please check the error logs again

There was no logs created.
This is what I did and it seems I’m going forward in restoring my data.

Emptied my web folder.
Upload new self zip 5.4.12
Restored by backup .env
Restored public\storage
Restored storage\framework\cache\data\

It seems to work now. But I still have to test if i can send emails.

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