After migrating to v5

After I migrate to v5 and have selected to forward customers to the new v5 server address, will the old system stop sending recurring billing even though it is still running/forwarding?


@david can you please advise?

Basically I want to know if just placing v5 at the domain that was in use for v4 and shutting v4 down will allow my customers to click on invoice emails from v4 and still see their customer portal in v5? Or should I keep the different domain for v5 and use forwarding from v4 in which case I just want to know if I have to stop all the recurring invoices in v4 to be sure duplicates aren’t sent?


no, you’ll need to keep your v4 instance up and not change the domain name, otherwise existing v4 invoices will not appear in v5.

you’ll want to configuring forwarding, after you have migrated, go into v4 Settings > Account Management and setup your forwarding url to v5.

this will then forward any client invoices from v4 to v5.

Should I leave recurring invoices active in v4 that were imported and active in v5 also? Does the forward setting stop v4 from sending emails and creating more invoices?


When you have configured forwarding in v4… it effectively shuts down v4 completely… so no emails / recurring / billing is processed after forwarding is configured.

Excellent… that’s exactly what I needed to hear. Don’t want my customers getting duplicate generated invoices with possible different invoice numbers from the old system and the new. I think I’m all ready to finalize the switch then. One last question. Is there a setting to have IN use a specific time zone if the server is on UTC?

You can set the app timezone on Settings > Localization