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Hi Hillel,

I’d like to ask a question regarding Authorization of Quotes/Invoices by a client as I’m not sure how it exactly works and I couldn’t find any help on

I would like to add to the quotes an option for clients to sign it. Unfortunately with most of my clients this works old-fashioned way: some superior has to sign it on paper.

In Advanced Settings / Client Portal / Signature what does
Quote Signature
Enable (Require client to provide their signature.)
exactly do?

I would need to append kind of a footer which says “Ok for purchase /order” Date and Name of person who signs and then space for her/his signature. I see that I can layout and add this to my quote template but was wondering what indeed is the option mentioned above doing?

Many thanks in advance for any hint

When the setting is enabled your client needs to provide their signature to approve the quote.

The signature can be seen on the edit invoice page by hovering over the icon next to the contact’s details.

Hi Hillel,

many thanks for your fast reply. I was now able to reproduce it with a dummy quote and see the little persona next to it which makes appear the signature and the date on the screen.

This means I cannot print “a signed quote” and attach it to the invoice, right?
Then I have to go for editing the template and get it back by paper. :frowning:


That is correct, it’s possible we’ll this feature in the future.

That would be great! :slight_smile:
Topic closed for me