adobe typekit

I’m using the white labeled self hosted version and I’m curious if I can incorporate custom fonts from Adobe Typekit into my installation. Thank you!

As far as I’m aware (just an end user, not a developer), Laravel doesn’t actually look for fonts that aren’t explicitly defined in the code. It should be possible to add fonts yourself, but you would first have to put each font into its own directory under /public/fonts/invoice-fonts, then go and edit the appropriate code to explicitly define those fonts for Invoice Ninja to use.

Again, that’s just my understanding. Someone else might be able to give you a better answer than I can.

Thanks for that. From what I can tell, I’m not able to get the font files from Adobe as that would undermine their subscription service. I may just find the font through a 3rd party and purchase it so I can install it per the configure docs. I just thought it might be nice and potentially valuable to other people that want to tweak the aesthetic more to have a way to easily implement their service.