Admin Portal View Not Updating

Hello. I have modified the code and followed this guide (Free Source Available Invoicing, Expenses & Time-Tracking | Invoice Ninja) to add my own customer gateway (CyberSource).

I am having trouble getting my CyberSource as a selectable option to display in the drobox (refer to image below). I have CyberSource migration and in my database. Also I have cleared all php caches, views, and optimized all routes. I am still having zero luck on getting it to appear in the dropbox. Do I need to modify the flutter main dart files? I am unsure how to do this as they are very large minified versions. Please let me know if there is something simple I am missing.

Trying to add CyberSource in the dropbox under adding new payment gateway. Please help!


It may help to load /update?secret= to clear the app caches.


Update: I have tried to run in brower“my_secret_key_here_from_env” no luck.

Things I have tried so far.

  • Clear the Views, Caches, and Routes using php artisan commands
  • Rebuild the flutter webpack bundle again
  • Turn on and off server

I have included a screenshot of the flutter codebase in picture below. How do I edit the flutter files to render new views in admin portal before it gets compiled into what looks like gibberish? Thank you for your help.

@david do you have any suggestions?

running /update should flash the cache, are you sure the gateway has visible set to 1?

@david Update. Got it to work by gateway to 1. Thank you!