Admin area themes / redesign in the future?

I have been trying to choose an invoicing service and I.N. continues to come up. I think the feature set is solid and I like there is a community behind it.

The main thing standing in my way is the UI. Compared to other offerings the UI for IN does not bring much joy or clarity. Styling each field with only a lower underline makes finding information and fields very difficult.

  1. Is there functionality / offerings for different theme skins for the backend? I haven’t found anything yet.

  2. Any plans to refresh the admin interface? I have tried PerfexCRM, Harvest, Toggl, and Zoho which have clean well spaced admin areas but I don’t think matches the same feature set as IN.

Thanks for your consideration and any insight.


You may prefer the React UI, there is an icon at the top of the dashboard to change to it.

Thanks for the fast response. I have been trying to look for this in your demo but I can’t seem to find it.

It isn’t available yet in the demo, it’s still in beta. You’d need to install the app from the selfhost release zip to access it.

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Thanks again. By any chance is there a screenshot or similar that I could review before going through the install?

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Oooh that is nice, thank you for sharing.