Adjusting Invoice Item Field Columns


I am on the Hosted plan through Invoice Ninja.

Is it possible to adjust the column width of the Quantity and Unit Price columns?
If they could be narrower, that would allow for more room in the details column and the custom invoice fields added.

Also, is it possible to make the custom fields manually return? so that info can be listed vertically.

Thank you!!

You can specify the column widths on /settings/customize_design

  • Change from ‘Form’ to ‘Code’
  • Find this line: "widths": "$invoiceLineItemColumns",
  • Change it to: "widths": ["15%", "40%", "15%", "10%", "10%"],
  • Adjust the values to fit

Note: you may need to add sizes if you’re using line item taxes or custom fields.

We don’t support multi-line custom field values.

Great! That worked! Thanks!

Is it possible to switch around the Unit Price and Quantity columns? so Quantity comes before Unit price.

Thanks again!

No, that isn’t supported.

Are there any plans to support this? Being able to choose the order and types of included columns is a feature that may people could make use of.

This is an old post, it’s now supported.

You can change the field order on Settings > Invoice Design > Product fields.



The original question is different, the original question was to resize the columns (adjust the column width).

I tought that “widths”: [“15%”, “40%”, “15%”, “10%”, “10%”], would work, but it’s is not. The portal says Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property ‘_minWidth’ of undefined

Any idea ? I’m running 4.5.6 self hosted.

Do you have 5 columns in the invoice items table?

Ok nevermind, the issue was that I have 6 columns, not 5, so I have to use "widths": ["15%", "40%", "15%", "10%", "10%", "10%"],

Just in case someone run into the same issue :wink:


I am specifying column widths on /settings/customize_design

You previously mentioned that I may need to add sizes if I’m using line item taxes, which is indeed the case.

How do I go about adding sizes please?



["15%", "40%", "15%", "10%", "10%"],


["15%", "30%", "15%", "10%", "10%", "10%"],