Adding rows in invoices/quotes


I am a new InvoiceNinja user (running self hosted v. 4.5.7) and I am also a full stack developer. I’m not very familiar Laravel but I’ve used others MVC frameworks in PHP.

I am planning to add a button to get a pop up window with products (searchable not only on ref, but also on Notes and Price) to be able to add quickly many products. If I get through with this: do you accept Pull Requests ? what are the guide lines to get the code accepted ?

I am thinking to add a little button either in front of the last row or underneath it. I’ve found the code displaying the table at resources/views/invoices/edit_table.blade.php.
Is this code all “InvoiceNinja” home made or using external libraries (like datatables or others) ? I can see there a few libraries loaded (bootstrap, jqueryUi, knockout) but I am not sure which ones are at work on the table.
Any thing I should know to make that change ?



We support adding multiple products on /products by checking the selected products and then using the bulk ‘invoice’ action. It’s also supported in the new mobile app.

We plan to support this in v2 of the web app but it’s unlikely we’d merge the change into v1.