Adding private custom fields to Contacts

Hello, I just setup for my mother’s travel agency, She needs to store some credentials about all the people travelling like passport and the like.

Would it be easy to add those, or would it be better to develop some plugin that can manage adding custom fields from Settings UI?

Thanks, This is so cool, my mom still can’t get the grasp of the -free- of open-source, I will be for sure buying branding-free license if I get to set it up right.

You can create up to two custom client fields on /settings/invoice_settings

Oh I see, this could work, but let me ask one question.

Is the default to be printed on the Invoice? Because maybe it’s not such a good idea (I should check legally) to print Passport Numbers and send them through regular email (Mailgun if they approve my account)

So is there any way to not show that data to public/clients but save it internally for other uses?

You can remove them from the invoice on /settings/invoice_design#invoice_fields

Thank you very much, awesome fastest support ever!!

Sorry if this is off-topic but could be a bug or a feature.

I shared the link of this thread to a friend, and he only sees my initial post but not the rest.

Is that expected behaviour?

I just tried and I think it´s not exactly what I need, the fields are added to the client but not to contact, I need to save Passport Number and Birthdate of every Contact associated to a client (a family travelling four, would be 4x times those fields)

Did I miss something or this isn’t a expected scenario yet?

Thanks so much for your support and sorry for not getting it right first.

Sorry, we don’t support custom contact fields.

Is this something I can attempt on my own or should I forget about it. Maybe just some modification in some files and my database do the job.

It’s possible but it would be a non-trivial change.

Would be something worth merging in form of a PR? Im junior but I can try stab at it.

Sorry, no. This hasn’t been a commonly requested feature.