Adding More Lines To Invoice Totals

Good morning all!

Just a quick question. My accountants asked us to add one more line to our invoices, which is the NET total. (Subtotal - discount, before tax). I tried to find some info on it, but the only custom fields I was able to add were at the top of the invoice, not towards the bottom.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!

Sorry, it isn’t supported

Argh… Oh no… Is there any workaround you could point me to? Even if I’d have to calculate it myself instead of it being included automatically?

We’re legally required to show the net total before taxes… is there any “hack” around it, or will we have to switch to some other software? (Which would be a huge shame, because I love InvoiceNinja)

Sorry, not that I’m aware of.

If you’re a developer it should be possible by self-hosting the app and modifying the code.

Alright, so I’ve dug into more detail about how we could do that in the self-hosted version.
I came across this and tried to implement it… But I’ve faced two errors.

  1. $ doesn’t show currency
  2. There’s no way to add the tax rate, as far as the help button goes. Is there something like $invoice.tax_rate ?

Thank you!

New PDF variables can be added here:

Note: changing this file requires rebuilding the built JS files.