Adding Invoice Fields

Hi there,

Is there anyway to add Invoice Fields to this area?

We’re finding that our invoices are becoming too long and we’re trying to move things around to reduce going to the second page.


It’s possible with a custom design but would be tricky to implement.

Currently when I click Customize - I see the following:

Custom Design 1
Custom Design 2 - empty
Custom Design 3 - empty

How can I tell which design we’re currently using? I clicked on each but they all look the same.

Additionally, if we make customized changes is there a chance that it would be overwritten by an IN update?

If you’re using a custom design it would have to be design 1 as the others are blank.

No, the designs are stored in the database so shouldn’t be affected by an update.

Can you provide instructions on where to look in the code? Additionally, what is the character limit of the description field on invoices? It appears that it’s pretty short before word wrap kicks in.

Switch from ‘Form’ to ‘Code’ view and then search for “text”: “”, this is blank area in the design.

This video covers how you can adjust the column width to make more space for the description.

So I figured out how to add the 3rd column but can you give me a hand…

I want to :

  1. remove the client’s name (not company name) and the client’s email address to the 3rd column.
  2. move elements up the page, for example I want to move “INVOICE” section up 1 inch.
  3. move the Invoice details section up 1 inch too.
  4. shrink the invoice line items height
  5. move suite number to be beside the address
  1. You can remove fields on /settings/invoice_design#invoice_fields, to add fields you’d need to add either a stack (1 column) or a table (2+ columns)
  2. Search for 30 on the Content tab and make the number smaller
  3. Search for 16 on the Styles tab and make the number smaller
  4. Add the code below at the bottom of the Styles tab
  5. You’d need to replace $clientDetails stack with individual fields, we’ll look into adding a “Street, Apt/Suite” option.
  "invoiceItems": { 
    "margin": [0, -5, 0, -5] 

I’ve uploaded my content and style code here:

When I tried to add the code to the style tab it can up with an error.
I’m not finding any 30 or 16 values in the code…unless you’re referring to line numbers?

I’m sorry, I’m not able to debug the code.

If you’re interested you can hire a developer to help here: