Adding custom_text_value1 to datatables

Hi, as other people have requested, i’m using the selfhosted version and would like see the title of my invoices and estimates in the overview in the dashboard. My titles are in the custom_text_value1 field. I read a column should be added in the app > datatables > InvoiceDatatable.php. As a wild guess, I have tried this but it’s not working.

function ($model) {
return $model->custom_text_value1;



Can you please tell me what i should exactly do to make this work? Do i have to make changes to the invoicerepository.php? Thank you.

That’s correct, you’d probably need to make changes to the repository file

Note: in the v5 beta you can configure which columns are shown in the datatables.

I know this will be possible in the beta but that doesn’t help me right now.

Could you be more specific on the changes to the repository file? Is the code of the invoicedatatable.php correct?

I’m sure it would be helpful to the other people asking for this feature. Thank you!

Sorry, I don’t have the code to share to implement this change