Adding a custom home page

I want to add a custom home page. I’ve not attempted anything yet and would rather not hack a way. Has anyone customised ninja yet? In terms of the home page / entrance to the login?


@david can you please advise?

Which login?

The client portal? Or admin login?

I am not sure i have access to an administrator account it looks like one log in to use invoice ninja of which i can create clients to view invoices but not create their own invoices.

I guess i could add a link to both, basically invoice ninja will be behind a website (home page) with access to invoice ninja via the nav bar.

Please note I am not asking for step by step guidance, I just want to know if this is possible with out breaking things. For example in the resources/views directory there is a home.blade.php file which states it is an unprotected route. What is this used for?

You may want to check out how the app is built:

There are no admin login pages in the Laravel Repository. The front ends are completely separate and are in their own repo’s.

The client portal views are managed in resources/views/portal

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Thanks for this by the way.