Add user error message

we are trying to add 1 user, we are on the 14 day pro trial and it says
422: The given data was invalid.

• User exists but cannot be crossed linked to multiple accounts
• Sorry, this will exceed the limit of 1 users

How can we change the limit?


You would need to upgrade to an enterprise plan to add additional users to the account.

Ok which tab do we go to to upgrade?

There should be a ‘Change plan’ option on Settings > Account Management.

there is no setting tab I see, the tabs on the left only list key module but no setting tab, am I missing something? is there a way to get to the setting from the dashboard?

Maybe you need to scroll the list down?

thank you I see account management, on overview i see pro plan and expiration but no button to upgrade.

Please send an email to and we’ll look into it.

cc @david

thank you I hope they are fast, i wish they were a upgrade button at the top make it easier