Add more than 2 custom fields in invoice settings>Custom Fields>Invoice Fields

Hii i have self hosted the invoice ninja code on my localhost and i want to tweak the code to add more custom fields and place them in invoice properly i want to add 4-5 extra fields in the invoice fields , there is no proper docs of the code, can anybody please help ?

This would be a non-trivial change.

You’d need to:

  • Add the fields to the accounts table
  • Enable setting the fields on /settings/invoice_settings
  • Add the fields to the PDF

Most of the code for the PDF generation is here, you’d need to run gulp after changing the file.

Good luck!

Did anybody tried this successfully?

Is there any update on this?
I’ve just installed invoiceninja and I’m attempting to add more custom fields.

If anyone has managed to do this maybe you could point me in the right direction.



I would love to implement more fields, or even create a custom invoice etc template.
Problem is that I ran in to errors even when just running gulp!

Not even sure what is wrong, but I’ll try to debug the process as I am getting loads of problems.
Not that I’m not sure why these errors are the, but what has changed, and how to I compile the code by running gulp?
One begin that when I run gulp, it runs and outputs loads of source files marked with red color, one begin:

Is there anything that should be done before running gulp?
I have Bower installed as well as laravel elixir.

Really anything that could point me in a right direction would be great. Ready to help!

Ok, forget my previous comment, bower was not installed globally.