Add custom field "service period" to invoice/invoice design

hey @hillel,

in the EU there is a obligation to give the service period (e.g. in german “Leistungszeitraum”) when you don’t deliver your work on the invoice-date. If you have many separate tasks the invoice should contain service period field (I am not shure, if this is the right native translation for it).
The service period should contain the earliest date of a invoiced taks to the latest (e.g. “Leistungszeitraum: 2020-01-01 – 2020-01-12”). It would be convenient to have this option in invoice fields like $service_period or $service_period_start and $service_period_end. What do you think?

Maybee add here:

… or here:

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That sounds like a good idea, feel free to create an issue on the repo to request it.