ACH Add Payment Not Working

We recently upgraded to v5 on the hosted plan. The only reason we had done so was to have ACH payment method work with auto billing. Now our clients cannot use ACH at all. We are using WePay and the ACH payment method was working just not doing auto billing. Now, our clients cannot add it as a payment method. When going in to view an invoice and pay it within the portal, they are able to pick ACH as the payment method. They get the box asking their zip code…then they get another box with a “pay now” button but it reads that they need to add a payment method. When they go to the Payment Methods screen, there is no way to add a payment method!

Please help. We’ve been at this since the beginning of the month and really need this to be solved ASAP.

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@david can you please advise?


If you set the client currency to USD and save, does the bank transfer option appear?

No. It was already USD so I changed it and saved. Then changed it back and saved. Still nothing.