Accepting a manual payment for more than invoice amount?

I have a customer who pays us manually each month, outside of Invoice Ninja. This customer always insist on paying us an even dollar amount that is more than the invoice due.

We attempted today to enter a payment on the invoice and we got an error saying we couldn’t enter a payment for more than the invoice amount.

I ended up having to go to payments and add a manual payment, I left the invoice field blank. Then I was confused on how to apply the payment to the invoice but I think I went to the payment and used the Apply option. Confused at this point and can’t remember completely.

Why are we not able to accept a payment for more than the invoice amount, this sort of thing happens with other customers from time to time and I don’t want to go through all this mess to accept a payment.

What is the best method to deal with manually applying an overpayment? Also, I posted another topic regarding the fact that the credit once it exist, doesn’t really show anywhere that I can find in the admin or customer portal.

Thanks for any help with this.


You can configure the app to allow over payments on Settings > Online Payments.

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